Mega Hero is behind RGV exit from twitter

Bad news for the lovers and the followers of RGV(Ram Gopal Varma) in twitter

By aswin

Published on 2017-06-04

He is the only person who makes flims of real personalities and makes sensations with his posts on twitter most of the people are etertained by his twitts.and finally now he left the social netwoet of twitter and started the instagram. He attributed this exit to mega heros and stated \"\"Actually there are various reasons for me to get off Twitter. One of them is mega heroes including Chiranjeevi garu, Pawan and others. I got bored of them and also I got bored of my tweets on them\" said RGV.

He also regretted for making tweets targeting\n mega family.\"I\'ve made some invalid and unneeded comments on mega heroes which have hurt them. I shouldn\'t have made them. That\'s why felt like quitting Twitter\" Varma clarified. We have to wait for the response from the mega family based on the varma\'s clarification.But anyways from now on wards twitter is missing the sensations of Ram Gopal Varma daily .

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