High Budget Ramayana Initiation Taken

By Allu Aravind

Rajamouli created a trend in creating epic tales of forgotten Indian past. Most of the Indians want to see our epics Ramayana& Mahabhartha on the silver screen with most advanced graphics but directors are more concentrating on commercial films rather than films which can be a milestone for the film industry. Recently Rajamouli announced to direct our epic Mahabartha on to the silver screen,but he stated that he is going to direct Mahabhartha after 10 years because technology needs to be more advanced to meet his imagination. After seeing huge support to bahubali from Indian people Geetha arts Allu Aravind stepped forward and announced to produce for epic Ramayana on the silver screen as soon as possible because such films will be milestones in the film industry. Announced that his project Ramayana’s budget as 500 crore cast and director not yet confirmed.

Let's hope that this project finds the correct takeoff and we will be watching more movies like Bahubali in comming years.

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