Bollywood has given record prices for Tollywood films Hindi Rights

This is certainly babhubali effect.Bahubali made world look at telugu film industry,intrestingly there are other talented actors and directors here.All good actors movies are getting record prices for hindi rights.Even hindi people are showing interest in watching telugu films,might be due to the different story lines everytime or people of bollywood got bored about regular commercial hindi films.

Most avaited telugu movies of NTR Jr and Allu Arjun -jai lavakusa and duvvada jagannadam films got record prices for hindi rights.According to buzz the price for hindi rights of each of thhe film was more than 10 crores.Woww That's a huge amount right,this is a proof that people love entertainment and people providing it.May the Bollywood people enjoy the new South Indian taste comming for them.

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